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Oh No They Didn't! - LiveJournal.com

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    After Myspace flopped in 2008, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit moved into the mainstream of the internet. These new platforms became the go-to spaces for global online communities.

    With the global connection came the spread and sharing of memes. Once the internet figured out what memes were, these videos and images came to represent moments in pop culture as they spread across the internet. Images, short gifs or short video clips, memes became the main way to react on the internet.

    As we hit the end of the decade, let's look back at the things on the internet that made us laugh the hardest. I've gathered 50+ memes that are a perfect representation of the 2010's. In these times, we’ve got to find our joy where we can. Here's PART ONE of the best memes of the 2010s:

    Deal With It (2010)

    "In June of 2010, animated GIFs with dropping sunglasses were popularized on the media sharing website Dump.fm, which promoted a 'deal with it' GIF contest one month prior. On Tumblr, the meme began spreading when Dump.fm admin jertronic posted a GIF to his personal blog in 2010. It was amplified when Tumblr users reblogged the post. In March 2011, Twitter hashtag #DealWithIt became a trending topic, in reference to Ohio State University students who displayed their support for the basketball team with 1,400 red embroidered towels that read 'DEAL WITH IT.'"

    Antoine Dobson (2010)

    "On the following day, Redditor panhead posted a link to the WAFF coverage on /r/Funny, where it accrued 810 upvotes, 559 points overall and 225 comments before it was archived. After the news footage was uploaded to YouTube by user Z01D1111 later that same day, Buzzfeed, Dlisted and Best Week Ever all shared the video. Over the course of the next several days, Dodson was featured in a second Best Week Ever article, Cnet News and celebrity gossip site Oh No They Didn’t among many others."

    Rebecca Black's 'Friday' (2011)

    "'Friday' was subsequently reblogged by other popular blogs like Tosh.0, Urlesque, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and shared on Tumblr, Twitter, Memebase and various other discussion forums. On March 14th, 2011, "Rebecca Black" emerged to the top trending topics on Twitter. By March 15th, the video had reached over 3 million views and by March 17th it reached 10 million views with the single reaching the Top 100 on iTunes. As of March 30th, 2011, Rebecca Black's 'Friday' YouTube video officially surpassed Justin Bieber's 'Baby' in total number of user downvotes with over 1.1 million downvotes."

    You Tried Star (2011)

    "On Tumblr, the Gold Star reaction image is typically added at the end of a reblogged post to point out its inadequacy or shortcoming. Since gaining prominence through its usage on the site, the Gold Star has spawned numerous variations of the phrase "You Tried" as well as negative responses from other Tumblr users regarding its allegedly excessive usage."

    Grumpy Cat (2012)

    "The original photos of Grumpy Cat were posted to the /r/pics subreddit in 2012. The Reddit post was instantly met with photoshopped parodies and image macros from others, reaching the front page with more than 25,300 up votes in the first 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Imgur page gained nearly 1,030,000 views in the first 48 hours. The same day, three video clips of the cat playing indoors were uploaded to YouTube. The rest is history for the grumpy cat."

    Crying Michael Jordan (2012)

    "On April 23rd, 2012, an image macro titled "Sad Michael Jordan" was submitted to MemeCrunch, featuring a still image of Jordan crying with the caption 'Why / Did I buy the Bobcats?'" The meme continued to grow and the image of Jordan crying peaked in 2014-2015 on twitter and is still used today.

    Doge (2013)

    "On October 28th, 2010, a photo of Kabosu was submitted to the /r/Ads subreddit with the title 'LMBO LOOK @ THIS FUKKIN DOGE,' where it received 266 upvotes, 218 points overall and 48 comments prior to being archived. Sometime in April 2012, Tumblr user leonsumbitches uploaded an audio file of a computer reading a passage written like the commands of a turn-based adventure game about encountering a 'doge.' The passage was paired with a photo of a woman patting a dog on the head and has gained more than 33,000 notes as of July 2013. On November 20, 2013, Youtube implemented an Easter egg, that changes the text to be colored and in Comic Sans, much like the original internal-monologue style captions, when user searches the phrase 'doge mem.' On Tumblr, in addition to the captioned photos, the "doge" tag often contains images of a Shiba Inu whose facial features have been manipulated."

    Side Eye Chloe (2013)

    "On September 2013, YouTuber KAftC uploaded a video titled 'Lily's Disneyland Surprise… AGAIN,' which shows two sisters, Lily and Chloe, reacting to the news of a surprise trip to Disneyland on their way to school. As the older sister, Lily, breaks into tears of joy, Chloe is briefly seen on camera with a disturbed look on her face. The same month, Tumblr user Lee submitted an animated GIF photo set of highlights from the YouTube video, including one of Chloe reacting to her sister's crying, with the caption 'i just love this because chloe is like 'da hell is this girl cryin about.' In less than a month, the post gained more than 895,700 notes."

    "A Potatoe Flew Around My Room" (2013)

    "On October 18th, Viner lil syd from the trap uploaded a video of a potato tied to a spinning ceiling fan and accompanied by the audio track from pg bree's original video, which garnered upwards of 150,000 likes and 144,000 revines in nine days. Days later Viner KingJone$ uploaded a video clip of Frank Ocean singing 'Thinkin Bout You' with pg bree's cover rendition dubbed over the original track. Tumblr user condom submitted a post containing the phrase "A potato flew around my room before you came," which accumulated more than 230 notes in the first 24 hours. In late October 2014, there were more than 1,400 videos associated with the phrase "a potato flew around" on Vine."

    "But That's None Of My Business" (2014)

    "In June 2014, the @thatsnoneofmybusinesstho Instagram feed was created, which highlights pictures of Kermit the Frog with 'none of my business' captions. In the first four days, the feed gained over 130,000 followers. On the same day, Twitter users began tweeting jokes using the hashtags #NoneOfMyBusiness and #Kermit, reaching over 19,000 and 11,000 mentions in the first four days respectively according to the Twitter analytics site Topsy."

    #TheDress (2015)
    "On February 26th 2015, BuzzFeed posted a poll asking readers to decide what color the dress really was. Within 10 hours the poll received more than 1.8 million votes, with 72% selecting "white and gold." Later that evening, BuzzFeed published a second post revealing that the dress was actually blue after finding it available for purchase on United Kingdom-based online retailer Roman Originals, which listed it as a 'Royal-Blue Lace Detail Bodycon Dress.' In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the dress debate. Several celebrities also commented on the dress on Twitter."

    Why The Fuck You Lyin'(2015)

    "On August 29th, 2015, Viner Nicholas Fraser uploaded a short clip titled 'That one person that's sways lying on what they own,' featuring himself listening to another person telling a lie. The clip then cut to Fraser, dancing in a backyard while singing 'Why the fuck you lyin'?' to the tune of 1997 single 'Too Close' from R&B band Next. Fraser also uploaded the clip simultaneously to his YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. That day, the video was reposted to YouTube, where it gained over 3.5 million views and 2,100 comments over the next two years."

    Chrissy Teigen's Awkward Crying Face (2015)

    "On January 11th, 2015, singer-songwriter John Legend and rapper Common were given the award for 'Best Original Song' for the song 'Glory' off the soundtrack for the 2014 historical drama film Selma. During the acceptance speech, Legend's wife Teigen was filmed crying while watching him speak. Immediately after the speech, the Entertainment Weekly Twitter feed posted a screen-captured image of Teigen crying. That evening, Twitter users began posting the photo of Teigen's face along with humorous captions about what could cause the expression."

    Evil Kermit (2016)
    "After the meme caught on to twitter, Pop culture news site Pop Sugar published a slideshow of Evil Kermit examples. That same day, Cheezburger published a post about the trending captioned images. Also on November 14th, Twitter launched a moments page for the series titled "Evil Kermit wants you to indulge in your vices." On November 15th, 2016, Redditor Hcyon1 submitted a post titled ''Evil Kermit memes are growing buy now buy now'' to the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit. Meanwhile, BuzzFeed published a listicle of Evil Kermit examples."

    Conceited Reaction (2016)

    "On September 15th, 2016, Twitter user Bekgurk tweeted a GIF of Conceited from the rap battle captioned with a joke comparing how someone looks in a mirror compared to an iPhone camera. That day, Conceited retweeted the GIF, which gathered upwards of 32,500 likes and 27,400 retweets within two months. Throughout the rest of the month, image macros featuring the Conceited reaction regularly hit the front page of /r/blackpeopletwitter. On October 22nd, Redditor Black_Gotenks submitted a post noting that the "reaction face meme" of Conceited was gaining traction on Black Twitter to /r/MemeEconomy."

    Confused Math Lady (2016)

    "The original gif saw light use as a reaction image over the next two and a half years. It began growing in popularity around the summer of 2016. Buzzfeed Portugal included it as a reaction image in a "top post" on July 29th. A popular post on 9Gag featured four screenshots from the gif of Sorrah with math equations over her face, captioned "when she tells you she's 29 weeks pregnant." The post has over 33,000 points as of October 11th, 2016. After the math symbols were added, the image and gif surged in popularity, particularly on Brazilian parts of social media, before it grew popular worldwide."

    Roll Safe (2016)

    "On June 1st, 2016, the BBC Three YouTube channel uploaded a mini-documentary on the Hood Documentary series, in which the Simpson is shown pointing to his head and smiling after saying that he finds a woman 'beautiful' because 'she's got good brains,' joking that she is skilled at performing oral sex. Within eight months, the video gained over 1.04 million views and 1,300 comments. From there the screen shot became a viral meme."

    Petty Skai Jakcson (2016)

    "On April 4th, 2016, the actress Skai Jackson tweeted a photo of herself waiting in the green room of the New York City Fox affiliate before an appearance on the morning news show Good Day New York. The tweet received 666 retweets and 1,679 likes within the month. On April 15th, Buzzfeed explained the photo meme in an article. An image search for the original photo upload confirms thousands of instances on Twitter. The meme got more spread later in the year, after Jackson and rapper Azealia Banks exchanged words on twitter, resulting in Banks receiving a twitter suspension."

    Distracted Boyfriend (2017)

    "On February 23rd, 2017, Instagram user @_dekhbai_ posted the image with the caption 'Tag That Friend / Who Falls in Love Every Month.' Within seven months, the post gained over 28,500 likes. On August 19th, Twitter user @n1m161 posted the stock depicting the man staring longingly at "socialism" while "capitalism" looks on. Within 24 hours, the post gained over 31,200 points (93% upvoted) and 130 comments on /r/me_irl. In the coming days, several posts about the meme format were submitted to /r/MemeEconomy."

    White Guy Blinking (2017)
    "The GIF had been around for nearly two years, it was not until February 2017 that it spiked in popularity on Twitter. On February 5th, user @eksbl used it in a tweet describing his reaction in biology class, gaining nearly 50,000 retweets. In the coming week, several other tweets employing the GIF would gain tens of thousands of retweets, turning the GIF into a meme."

    Squinting Woman (2018)
    "Quickly after the image was posted to Twitter, other users began pairing it with various captions. For example, on March 19th, user @bbigga25 tweeted it with the caption "Me looking for the part in the long ass paragraph that ima reply to," gaining over 29,000 retweets and 73,000 likes. Another tweet by @UneekDiva gained over 12,000 retweets and 30,000 likes. The meme spread primarily through Black Twitter. It began seeing more attention after an example was tweeted by NFL player John Ross III on March 23rd, gaining over 30,000 retweets and 65,000 likes."

    And I - OOP (2019)
    "On October 28th, 2015, RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Jasmine Masters uploaded a video entitled 'Jasmine Masters handle your liquor.' In the video, Masters rants about friends who become overly intoxicated when socializing. During her speech, she interrupts herself by saying 'And I--Oop.' After composing herself, Masters says, '"I just hit my balls.' Within four years, the video has received more than 149,000 views. In 2019, the "oop" clipped turned into the biggest meme of the year."

    Kombucha Girl (2019)
    "On August 6th, 2019, TikTok user @brittanyt445 uploaded a video with the description 'Me trying Kombucha for the first time.' In the video, she smells a can of kombucha and declares 'it smells like a public restroom' before taking a sip, then appears to go back and forth on whether it tastes pleasant or foul. Her iconic reaction turned into a viral meme."

    "Rise and Shine" (2019)
    "Kylie Jenner "Rise and Shine" is a viral video clip of Kylie Jenner waking up her daughter Stormi by singing "rise and shine" during an October 2019 YouTube video of Kylie Jenner giving a tour of the Kylie Cosmetics offices. The clip was then remixed by Twitter users and turned into ringtones due the moment's comedic delivery."

    "Sorry To This Man" (2019)
    "Keke Palmer "Sorry to This Man" refers to actor Keke Palmer's reaction to a photograph of Vice President Dick Cheney in which she admits that she does not recognize him. The video has been used as a reaction image and has quickly become one of the best memes of 2019."

    What are your fav memes of the decade, ONTD?
    Source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 34 | 35 | 36 | 37 | 38

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    Astrology enthusiasts and potato lovers unite. I present to you your zodiac sign based on one of Ansel Elgort’s infamous Instagram selfies.

    Inspired by thepetdetective’s epic post.

    Aries (March 21 - April 20)

    Taurus (April 21 - May 21)

    Gemini (May 22 - June 21)

    Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

    Leo (July 23 - August 22)

    Virgo (August 23 - September 23)

    Libra (September 24 - October 23)

    Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

    Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

    Capricorn (December 22 - January 20

    Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)

    Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

    Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

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    In honor of William Eyelash Billie Eilish's 18th birthday, I decided to listen to and rank the 21 singles she's released over the past four years. Find out where your favorite landed below!

    21. "wish you were gay" (2019)

    20. "watch" (2017)

    19. "come out and play" (2018)

    18. "Bored" (2017)

    17. "party favor" (2018)

    16. "WHEN I WAS OLDER" (2019)

    15. "Six Feet Under" (2016)

    14. "when the party's over" (2018)

    13. "&burn" (with Vince Staples, 2017)

    12. "idontwannabeyouanymore" (2017)

    11. "all the good girls go to hell" (2019)

    10. "ocean eyes" (2016)

    9. "COPYCAT" (2017)

    8. "my boy" (2017)

    7. "you should see me in a crown" (2018)

    6. "bellyache" (2017)

    5. "bury a friend" (2019)

    4. "bad guy" (2019)

    3. "lovely" (with Khalid, 2018)

    2. "bitches broken hearts" (2018)

    1. "everything i wanted" (2019)

    Selena Gomez's singles, ranked
    Fifth Harmony's solo singles, ranked

    Did Billie win you over in 2019?

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    In lieu of a New Music Friday post this week, I thought I'd share my favorite songs of the past year with my fellow ONTD audiophiles. The 50 songs are listed in a sequence I found to be the most satisfying in playlist form. (If you are interested in the link to my Spotify playlist, comment and I'll send it via private message!)

    Allie X - "Fresh Laundry"

    Grimes - "4ÆM"

    Miley Cyrus - "Mother's Daughter"

    Tinashe - "Cash Race"

    Melii - "Trip"

    Banks - "Contaminated"

    Lauren Jauregui - "More Than That"

    Megan Thee Stallion - "Money Good"

    Maluma - "HP"

    Bad Bunny - "Vete"

    James Blake - "Barefoot in the Park (feat. ROSALÍA)

    Cashmere Cat - "EMOTIONS"

    Slayyyter - "Cha Ching"

    Brooke Candy - "XXXTC" (feat. Charli XCX & Maliibu Miitch)

    Kim Petras - "Icy"

    Justine Skye - "Secrets"

    Zedd & Katy Perry - "365"

    Halsey - "Graveyard"

    Harry Styles - "Lights Up"

    Sky Ferreira - "Downhill Lullaby"

    Sevdaliza - "Martyr"

    Camila Cabello - "My Oh My" (feat DaBaby)

    Sam Smith - "Dancing With a Stranger" (with Normani)

    Mark Ronson - "Late Night Feelings" (feat. Lykke Li)

    MARINA - "Emotional Machine"

    Tove Lo - "Sweettalk my Heart"

    Caroline Polachek - "So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings"

    Nasty Cherry - "Music With Your Dad"

    Carly Rae Jepsen - "Julien"

    Selena Gomez - "Look At Her Now"

    Ariana Grande - "ghostin"

    Clairo - "Bags"

    HAIM - "Summer Girl"

    Taylor Swift - "False God"

    Adam Lambert - "New Eyes"

    Sabrina Claudio - "Rumors" (feat. ZAYN)

    Tei Shi - "Even If It Hurts" (feat. Blood Orange)

    Jhené Aiko - "None of Your Concern"

    Weyes Blood - "Andromeda"

    Sabrina Carpenter - "I Can't Stop Me" (feat. Saweetie)

    J Balvin & Bad Bunny - "YO LE LLEGO"

    Katy Perry - "Harleys in Hawaii"

    Madonna - "Crave" (with Swae Lee)

    Kehlani - "Nights Like This" (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

    Charli XCX - "Cross You Out" (feat. Sky Ferreira)

    King Princess - "Tough on Myself"

    Lana Del Rey - "California"

    Summer Walker - "Playing Games"

    Mandy Moore - "I'd Rather Lose"

    Billie Eilish - "everything i wanted"

    Did any of our favorites overlap? Tell me yours!

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    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)

    ** Mae Questal (Aunt Bethany) began her acting career in 1930 as the voice of Betty Boop. (She also voiced Betty in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

    ** Rusty is watching Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life when the relatives arrive at the house. Frank Capra's grandson Frank Capra III was an Assistant Director for this movie.

    ** Another nod to It's a Wonderful Life: Clark chainsaws the broken newel post.

    Elf (2003)

    ** Will Ferrell turned down $29 million dollars to be in Elf 2. Ferrell said, "I remember asking myself: could I withstand the criticism when it's bad and they say, 'He did the sequel for the money?' I decided I wouldn't be able to. I didn't want to wander into an area that could erase all the good work I've done—but you watch, I'll do some sequel in the future that's crap."

    ** The cotton balls Buddy eats in the doctor's office were actually cotton candy that had not been dyed.

    ** Peter Billingsley makes an appearance as the elf Ming Ming. Billingsley is most well known for playing Ralphie in A Christmas Story.

    A Christmas Story (1983)

    ** A suction tube was used to safely create the illusion that Flick's tongue was stuck to the flag pole.

    ** According to Peter Billingsley, not many major studios were interested in a story about a little boy in the 1940s who wanted a BB gun for Christmas. Billingsley said the studio agreed to make this film if director Bob Clark agreed to make a horror film.

    ** Director Bob Clark makes a cameo as the "dim-witted" neighbor who marvels at the leg lamp from outside.

    It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

    ** For the scene that required Donna Reed to throw a rock through the window of the Granville house, director Frank Capra hired a marksman to shoot it out on cue. To everyone's amazement, Reed broke the window by herself. She had played baseball in high school and had a strong throwing arm.

    ** James Stewart was nervous about the phone kiss scene because it was his first onscreen kiss since his return to Hollywood after the war. Under director Frank Capra's watchful eye, Stewart filmed the scene in only one unrehearsed take, and it worked so well that part of the embrace was cut because it was too passionate to pass the censors.

    ** The iconic scene where James Stewart's character runs through a snow-swept Bedford Falls was actually filmed on a scorching July day.

    Disney's A Christmas Carol (2009)

    ** Ebenezer Scrooge's appearance in this film is similar to the marionette version of Scrooge seen in Robert Zemeckis's last Christmas-themed movie, The Polar Express (2004).

    ** This is the first film that Jim Carrey and Cary Elwes appeared in 12 years later since Liar Liar (1997)

    ** The first time that Scrooge ever calls Bob Cratchit by his first name was when the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows him the Cratchit family mourning Tiny Tim's death. Though, Bob Cratchit doesn't hear him say it because Scrooge was only there as a spirit and the event was just a 'what if' scenario. Once he changes his ways and arrive back into the present day, Scrooge calls him by his first name to show his empathy towards and appreciation for him.

    Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)

    ** Santa Claus's real name is Seth Applegate.

    ** The actress that plays Harmony (Noelle Parker) was born on Christmas Day (December 25).

    ** John Cherry the director of this movie and of most of the other Ernest movies said he thought this was the best of the Ernest movies.

    A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

    ** CBS executives were not too happy that the Christmas special had actual children voicing the characters and no laugh track. They also weren't pleased with the anti-consumerism message. They agreed to air it once believing that would be that. But it was a huge hit, and they've been airing it ever since.

    ** When "A Charlie Brown Christmas" won an Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program in 1966, only Lee Mendelson and Bill Melendez were called up to accept the award, but they made sure that Charles Schultz was with them to give the acceptance speech. Schultz's speech simply went, "Charlie Brown's not used to winning, so we thank you."

    ** The short was watched by over 15 million viewers when it first premiered in 1965.

    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964)

    ** Copies of both the Santa and Rudolph puppets were recently found in storage in the attic of a woman that used to work for Rankin-Bass. The puppets were in remarkably good condition, considering it was estimated they were in storage since the late 1960s, with only a little yellowing of Santa's hair, beard, and white trim on his coat. The pair now travel the country to various trade shows and conventions.

    ** The reindeer Rudolph was actually created for Montgomery Ward's department store by employee Robert May in 1939 as part of an advertising campaign.

    ** In the feature film, Elf (2003), the elf costumes for Buddy (played by Will Ferrell) and the other elves, were modeled after the clothes the elves wear in this production.

    ONTD, what's your favorite Christmas movie/special? Any that you still need to watch before the season's over?

    SOURCES 1 | 2A | 2B | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

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    ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

    Christmas has already come and gone, but this upcoming weekend between holidays promises to be merry for some of the major studios. Sony’s Little Women and 20th Century Fox’s Spies in Disguise both went wide on Christmas Day, while Universal’s 1917 and Warner Bros’ Just Mercy opened in limited release. A24’s Uncut Gems, which opened a couple of weeks ago in limited release, expanded to a wide release as of Christmas Day. Of course, despite these new entrants at the box office, Disney’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is still set to stomp all over the competition.

    The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: December 20th, December 13th, and December 6th.


    Stars: Alfre Woodard, Aldis Hodge, Richard Schiff, Wendell Pierce
    Writer/Director: Chinonye Chukwu
    Genre: Drama
    Plot: Years of carrying out death row executions have taken a toll on prison warden Bernadine Williams. As she prepares to execute another inmate, Bernadine must confront the psychological and emotional demons her job creates, ultimately connecting her to the man she is sanctioned to kill.
    What you should know: The director, who is a professor at AFI, was inspired to work on a film about death row after the execution of Troy Davis in 2011.
    Opens in: Select cities

    The Song of Names

    Stars: Jonah Hauer-King, Clive Owen, Tim Roth, Eddie Izzard
    Writer: Jeffrey Caine
    Director: François Girard
    Genre: Drama
    Plot: Several years after his childhood friend, a violin prodigy, disappears on the eve of his first solo concert, an Englishman travels throughout Europe to find him.
    What you should know: Based on the novel by Norman Lebrecht.
    Opens in: Select cities

    Ip Man 4

    Stars: Scott Adkins, Donnie Yen, Kwok-Kwan Chan, Chris Collins
    Writer: Tai-lee Chan, Hiroshi Fukazawa
    Director: Wilson Yip
    Genre: Action, Biography, Drama
    Plot: The Kung Fu master travels to the U.S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school.
    What you should know: It’s in Mandarin and Cantonese.
    Opens in: Select cities


    Stars: Mena Suvari, Kevin Pollak, Megan West, Annalisa Cochrane
    Writer: Mark S. Allen, Waymon Boone, Howard Burd, Rob Rose
    Director: Waymon Boone
    Genre: Horror
    Plot: Follows a group of millennials who find themselves at an abandoned castle, experimenting with a spiritually guided app that connects the living with the dead. This ominous, historic site of murder and torture is linked to each of them in ways they'll soon discover.
    What you should know: Based on the former correctional facility The Preston School of Industry.
    Opens in: Select cities and VOD.

    Good Newwz

    Stars: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Diljit Dosanjh, Kiara Advani
    Writer: Jyoti Kapoor, Raj Mehta, Rishabh Sharma
    Director: Raj Mehta
    Genre: Comedy, Drama
    Plot: Two couples with the same surnames pursue in-vitro fertilization and wait for their upcoming babies. Trouble ensues when they find that the sperms of each couple have been mixed with each other.
    What you should know: It’s in Hindi and English.
    Opens in: Select cities

    Ice Princess Lily

    Stars: Cameron Ansell, Kristin Fairlie, Benedict Campbell, Dan Petronijevic
    Writer: Toby Genkel, Gerrit Hermans, Marco Petry, Hortense Ullrich
    Director: Sven Unterwaldt Jr.
    Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
    Plot: A young dragon looking for his own fire must fight against an evil wizard with help of the beautiful ice princess, Lilli.
    What you should know: It’s in German.
    Opens in: Select cities

    Chichinette: The Accidental Spy

    Director: Nicola Hens
    Genre: Documentary
    Plot: Marthe Cohn, a 99 year old Jewish woman born in France, tells the story of how she became a spy in Nazi Germany. For decades after the war ended she never spoke about the experience, but now she travels the globe to share her story.
    What you should know: It’s in French and English.
    Opens in: Select cities

    Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

    What have you been watching lately, ONTD? Seeing anything this weekend?

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    I know y'all don't like to read, but this is important!!

    - Please wait to nominate until I have added all categories in the comments section.

    - Reply to my original comment (that has the category in the subject line) if you would like to nominate something/someone. Please try to check if your choice for a given category has already been submitted before commenting.

    - If you agree with someone else's nomination, reply to it with a +1.

    - The categories for this year are under the cut with explanations. You can click the names to take you directly to that nomination thread (they will direct to ONTD front page for a few minutes until I get the threads updated, be patient please).

    - No OT comments! They will be deleted.

    - Things that happened last year but after the nominations post ARE eligible for nomination this year.

    I will lock this post and start counting the nominations on Monday, December 30th at 8:00am EST. The voting post will be live that afternoon, Monday, December 30th and the results will be posted on Wednesday afternoon, January 1st.

    Post of the Year
    Which post really brought everyone together and showed the true spirit of ONTD?
    Please include a link!

    Female Celeb of the Year
    Your favorite queen of the year.

    Male Celeb of the Year
    Your favorite man-who-didn't-totally-suck this year.

    Scandal of the Year
    These were the gifts that kept on giving, or the most shocking revelations of 2019.

    Best Scandal Name
    The best scandal name that ONTD came up with in 2019.

    Worst of 2019
    The worst thing/event about 2019.

    Meme/Gif of the Year
    Your fave memes/gifs of the year. Please post the actual image.

    Word/Phrase of the Year
    What word or phrase became a big part of the ONTD culture this year?

    Comment of the Year
    What was the best comment made on a ONTD post this year?
    Please provide a link, or at least a screenshot.

    Thread of the Year
    Any thread that you thought was amazing.
    Please provide a link to the thread!

    ONTD Wank of the Year
    What post/thread had us arguing over something ridiculous?
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    ONTD Member of the Year
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    ONTD Original of the Year
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    ONTD Original Post Series of the Year
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    Most Devastating Break-up
    Any celeb couple that called it quits and left you wondering "is true love dead?"

    Celeb We Got Sick of in 2019
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    (but it's not gonna happen, sorry!)

    Breakout Celeb of the Year
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    Best Celeb Social Media
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    Worst Celeb Social Media
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    Most WTF Celeb Baby Name of the Year
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    Most Vile Celeb
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    These are celebs with no redeeming qualities, not just problematic ones.

    Messiest/Most Problematic Celeb
    Any celeb that consistently showed their ass or aired their dirty laundry this year.
    Not to be confused with most vile, the messiest/problematic celeb *may* be
    somewhat still likable or they have quite a few stans left on ONTD.

    Best Movie of the Year
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    Worst TV Revival of the Year
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    Best Song of the Year
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    Worst Song of the Year
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    Best Album of the Year
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    Worst Album of the Year
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    Celeb Who Disappointed Us
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    and/or made us turn in our stan cards this year.

    Worst Celeb Apology
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    Celeb We Will Miss the Most
    Who won't be with us in 2020, but will forever be in our hearts?

    Ultimate Celeb Comeback
    Who made their way back into the mainstream or back into ONTD's hearts this year?

    Ultimate Celeb Downfall
    A celeb that made us say "HA, SUFFER!" as they finally got their comeuppance in 2019.

    misslilia84 (RIP) for like 95% of this post, since I basically copied and pasted and tweaked a few things from their previous post
    dangerbuffalo (RIP), rovinja, shittysoup, arellaj, lolitalockheart, valentineballad, cuteej4, and dumpweeds for contributing category ideas the past few years!

    and especially...
    dbil for the amazing header images!
    sandstorm for coming in clutch at the last minute and updating the images to the current year!

    0 0

    Based a wee bit on this tweet:

    From whitewashing to cradle robbing.

    I thought "Well, what about other start to decade end productions of actors? Might be something to look at." because why not.

    James Marsden is A person I don't really feel that strongly about, but I turned on my TV and Straw Dogs was on. I went "Is that James Marsden?"

    All of that to not mention that movie at all in this post! Whee!

    FIRST MOVIE: Death At A Funeral (2010)

    He's just happy to be here!

    LAST MOVIE OF THE DECADE: Sonic The Hedgehog (2019/2020)

    [Yes I'm cheating a bit here.] He doesn't look much different, besides probably being very tired of having to shuttle around a CGI character yet again.

    From his film start in 2011 (God, it's already 8 years old) to now, the film world was looking to be John Boyega's oyster, and you know what? It still is!

    FIRST MOVIE: Attack The Block (2011)

    LAST MOVIE OF THE DECADE: Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker

    Kind of want an Attack The Block anthology like series, provided they don't kill it like the Cloverfield ones.

    Recent Star / Questionable Dating Choices Chanteuse Florence Pugh is making a name for herself, starting....

    FIRST MOVIE: The Falling (2014) [Yes, that is Maisie Williams!]

    LAST MOVIE OF THE DECADE: Little Women (2019)

    Oscar Isaac is prepared to fight everyone at Lucasfilm and we love it. But first, remember that Robin Hood movie?

    No not that one, this one:

    FIRST MOVIE: Robin Hood (2010)

    There was another image of him in this movie - I'm sure you know the one.

    LAST MOVIE OF THE DECADE: Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker, where he is an entire snack.

    And here is Rebel Wilson. Just - Here she is.

    FIRST MOVIE: Bridesmaids (2011)


    Is it a glow-up or a no-up? You make the call!

    I was going to put another actress here but it would be the SAME last movie in ROS so I pivoted. I sort of remember this first movie, but I definitely don't remember Angela Bassett being in it.

    FIRST MOVIE: Jumping The Broom (2011)

    LAST MOVIE OF THE DECADE: Otherhood (2019) [must've come out after Endgame]

    The difference is there, but certainly not as drastic as Rebel's, I'd say!

    I really wanted to see if Idina Menzel was in something other than you know what for any portion of the decade and holy shit, this woman's filmography is 90% the same character after 2013.

    So I bent my own rules.

    FIRST SHOW OF THE DECADE: Glee (2010 - 2013)

    LAST FILM OF THE DECADE: Frozen II (2019) Uncut Gems

    Same color top and everything, we love a color coordinated queen.

    How many times will ___ Has Fallen be on Gerard Butler's list? You left your best movie in 2008, my dude.

    FIRST MOVIE: The Bounty Hunter (2010) [predates HTTYD by a few months]

    LAST MOVIE OF THE DECADE: Angel Has Fallen (2019) [See? SEE?]

    You know what else has fallen? His looks! HEY-YO!

    Time for second person I have no strong opinion about besides "Huh". Did you know that James McAvoy was in something about Lincoln's assassination?

    FIRST MOVIE: The Conspirator (2010)

    LAST MOVIE OF THE DECADE: It: Chapter 2 (2019)

    These aren't his best images, I admit.

    Let's finish this up, Big Willie Style with Will Smith.

    FIRST MOVIE: Men In Black 3 (2012)

    I very vaguely remember this movie so he might actually be playing his father here?


    I respect him enough to not put the bird version of his character.

    Post some of your own, what's a film glow up or no up? Have your faves gotten into better movies, or are they like Mr. Butler up there?


    src tweet / IMDB for all those images xcept the gif.

    0 0

    I actually had fun with that last post, so here we go again.

    Here's Noted Anti-Blacktress Gina Rodriguez, (Whose father is dark skinned).

    FIRST MOVIE OF THE DECADE: Go For It! (2011)

    Plot: Is she student or is she dancer?

    LAST MOVIE OF THE DECADE: Someone Great (2019)



    Racism makes this a No-Up.

    I have often said that Octavia Spencer's films involve her fighting children. Turns out that's only a very recent development.

    FIRST: Small Town Saturday Night (2010)

    [The only picture of her on the IMDB page doesn't even have her in focus or facing the screen. Everything in this movie looks like it was shot on a potato. I'm not going to do her like that.]

    LAST: Ma (2019)


    From the back of her head in a movie to starring in it and tormenting the youth. I say yes.

    His next role will have Robert Pattinson going a little batshit - And then he's gonna be Batman! - but for now...

    FIRST: Remember Me (2010)
    Plot: Romance and death.

    LAST: The Lighthouse (2019) & The King (2019)
    [They came out on the same day apparently, so I'm picking one image...

    The King (2019)

    also in something called Waiting For The Barbarians with Johnny Looks Like Death]


    Depends on which movie you're talking about. Yes if Lighthouse, no if King.

    As Lupita Nyong'o's presence in TROS was even more negligible than Kelly Marie Tran's, we're going to alter the deal. Pray I do not need to alter it further.

    FIRST12 Years A Slave (2013)

    LAST: Little Monsters (2019)


    Yes. From portraying slavery to killing Australian Zombies is amazing and we shold all applaud. Little Monsters is also pretty funny, she is clearly the best part.

    Hopefully, she is coming for her next Oscar for Us.

    Remember when we all hoped Nathan Stewart-Jarrett would be Newt Scamander in WB's Ill-fated Fantastic Beasts movies? Good times.

    FIRST: The Comedian (2012)

    Plot: Life sucks.

    LAST: Mope (2019)
    Plot: Life sucks but now we're porn actors.


    I have no idea-up. Mope is apparently pretty good, and came out this year as stated, so maybe we can find it somewhere.

    So Hayden Christensen is apparently in Rise of Skywalker but IDR him. Then again, I was near bored to tears.

    FIRST: Takers (2010)

    You ever wonder how billing happens in movies? Is it retroactive in how famous people get? Because he's listed second after Chr*s Br*wn.
    Or am I thinking too much about TAKERS (2010).

    LAST: The Last Man (2019)

    "I hate sand!"
    Plot: A war, a man, a bomb shelter, some crazy shit?


    Glow Up, as he's no longer in a movie with an abuser*

    *that we know of.

    Who saw this first movie of Michael B Jordan's for this decade? I vaguely remember it. Don't think I saw it. Know ya'll didn't.

    FIRST: Red Tails (2012) [beats Chronicle by about 2 weeks]

    This also stars N*te P*rker, who has no value as a filmmaker.

    LAST: Just Mercy (2019)

    There are also plenty of his films in the pipeline that are either based upon real stories or are produced and directed by Ryan Cooper.


    Well the Glow Up came with Killmonger in Black Panther (2018), but this is fine. Fight legal system crime, son!

    Did ya'll know Charlize Theron is almost 6 ft. Tall??? I did not. Damn.

    FIRST: Young Adult (2011)

    Plot: A Hallmark movie but rated R.
    Also stars Patrick "The Ghost Man" Wilson.

    LAST: Bombshell (2019)


    None of these hold a candle to Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) or Atomic Blonde (2017) but alas.

    I was wholly prepared to put in The Sorcerer's Apprentice as Toby "The OPs favorite white British Man" Kebbell, but, uh, gotta put this one instead. Are you ready for more whitewashing?

    FIRST: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

    LAST: This is my post and I'm cheating, because his hair in Destroyer (2018) is an affront to my eyes and I rebuke it in the name of the Lord.

    It's terrible.

    Snakes, house, manifest, all that.

    So look, here's Servant and it's on AppleTV+.

    Hearts started manifesting in my eyes physically.


    Well, there's no whitewashing. I consider it a win.

    Emily Blunt has gone from some real crazy shit to some real bland stuff, like...

    FIRST: The Wolfman (2010), the first failed attempt in Universal's Dark Universe. Second was I, Frankenstein (2014). Third was, well, you know.

    Another Universal fun fact - They own a lot of properties that are based off of the Universal Monsters that they didn't create (bc public domain).
    They own the film rights to Monster High! Just do that!

    LAST: Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

    Great voice, beautiful voice. "The Place Where Lost Things Go" and "The Royal Doulton Music Hall" are actually quite good.

    Start with terribleness, end with mediocrity. It's a glow up, but a slim one.

    Because I love making these as random as possible, let's end it with someone we all know, Keean Johnson, even indirectly.

    FIRST: Heritage Falls (2016)

    Plot: Man (not pictured) takes his son and nephew (pictured) into the woods without delay.
    He's actually supposed to be a college student here.

    LAST: Midway (2019)

    TFW your Oscar bait made 0 impact on anyone.

    He's only been in about 4 movies, including the highly underrated and great Alita: Battle Angel.

    You know the drill - Post your own! Happy new year!

    IMDB + me watching AppleTV+

    0 0


    After Myspace flopped in 2008, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit moved into the mainstream of the internet. These new platforms became the go-to spaces for global online communities.

    With the global connection came the spread and sharing of memes. Once the internet figured out what memes were, these videos and images came to represent moments in pop culture as they spread across the internet. Images, short gifs or short video clips, memes became the main way to react on the internet.

    As we hit the end of the decade, let's look back at the things on the internet that made us laugh the hardest. I've gathered 50+ memes that are a perfect representation of the 2010's. In these times, we’ve got to find our joy where we can. Here's the final part of the best memes of the 2010s:

    Sad Keanu (2010)

    "The paparazzi photograph of sullen-looking Reeves eating a sandwich was taken sometime in May 2010 by Splash News. In June 2010, a Reddit user posted an image with the phrase 'I really enjoy acting... Because when I act, I'm no longer me' in a thread entitled 'Keanu. More sadness in comments.' The thread quickly made it to Reddit's front page. Throughout the rest of June 2010, photoshopped images of Sad Keanu spread across various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs on Tumblr and much more."

    60's Spider-Man (2011)

    "Although 60's Spider-Man memes began gaining popularity in 2009, Tumblr blogs exclusively dedicated to collecting captioned instances of 60s Spider-Man did not appear until February 2011, with the creation of You're a horrible man, Spiderman Brown. More single-topic Tumblrs were started later that year, in addition to an active Tumblr tag. Between April and July of 2011, compilations of captioned Spider-Man images were also shared on Reddit, FunnyJunk, Uproxx, and numerous more blogs."

    Supa Hot Fire (2011)

    "This viral video clip was posted onto WorldStarHipHop in June 2011, receiving over 379,000 views. That samne month, Huffington Post reblogged the original video in a post titled 'Hilarious Rap Battle Parody Featuring Supa Hot Fire.' Throughout the rest of 2011, Mr.DeshawnRaw went on to publish additional parodies in the same style. In March 2012, the fourth episode of the series was released featuring Supa Hot Fire and Tremendous, a fictional rapper assumed by comedian Chris Rock."

    Hide The Pain Harold (2011)

    "Hide The Pain Harold, also simply referred to as "Harold" or "Maurice" is the nickname given to a senior stock photography model whose facial expression appears to indicate suppressed pain and/or discomfort. The earliest known archived thread, where Harold first got attention, can be found on Facepunch, dating back to 2011."

    Sweet Brown (2012)

    "Sweet Brown is a pseudonym used by Kimberly Wilkins, an Oklahoma City resident who was interviewed by local news station KFOR News Channel 4 after evacuating from her apartment building that was set on fire. Her emphatic testimony of the chaotic scene quickly led to massive exposure on YouTube, similar to those of Antoine Dodson and Eccentric Witness Lady."

    "I came out tonight to have a fun time and I honestly am feeling so attacked right now" (2014)

    "'I Came Out to Have a Good Time and I'm Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now' is an expression used to sarcastically complain about being criticized or challenged. Although the quote originally appeared in a post by a Tumblr user, its source has been falsely attributed to a screenshot of a tweet supposedly posted by singer Nick Jonas."

    What are those?! (2015)
    "'What Are Those?' is a series of parody and remix videos based on a short clip of a man who asks a police officer about his work boots in a startled manner. Upon its surfacing on Instagram and Vine in 2015, the video clip quickly went viral and amassed millions of views on the social media."

    Arthur's Fist (2016)

    "Arthur's Fist is a reaction image featuring a screen capture of the protagonist Arthur from the titular children's television series holding a clinched fist, which is often accompanied by captions describing various infuriating or frustrating circumstances. The image is taken from the Arthur Punches D.W. scene, notable for inspiring a series of YouTube poop videos."

    Harambe the Gorilla (2016)

    "Harambe the Gorilla was a 17-year-old Western lowland silverback gorilla who was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo after a child fell into his enclosure in late May 2016. The incident was wildly criticized online by many who blamed the child's parents for the gorilla's untimely death. in May 2016, a post about the incident reached the front page of subreddit /r/news, where it garnered more than 7,100 votes in the next two days. The same day, a petition titled "Justice for Harambe" was created on Change.org which called for authorities to hold the child's parents responsible for Harambe's death. Within 48 hours, the petition gained over 338,000 signatures. Meanwhile, the hashtags #JusticeForHarambe and #RIPHarambe began circulating on both Facebook and Twitter."

    "This is fine" (2016)

    "This Is Fine is a two-pane image of an anthropomorphic dog trying to assure himself that everything is fine, despite sitting in a room that is engulfed in flames. Taken from an issue of the webcomic series Gunshow illustrated by K.C. Green and published in early January 2013, the cartoon is typically used as a reaction image to convey a sense of self-denial or acceptance in the face of a hopeless situation. No meme has better summed up living in the political climate of the latter half of the decade than this one."

    You know I had to do it to em (2017)

    "You Know I Had to Do It to Em is a photoshop meme based on a picture of Twitter user LuckyLuciano17k standing on a sidewalk with the caption 'You know I had to do it to em.' The picture became a go-to for mock captions from 2016-2017."

    Mocking Spongebob(2017)

    "Mocking SpongeBob, also known as Spongemock, refers to an image macro featuring cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants in which people use a picture of SpongeBob to indicate a mocking tone towards an opinion or point of view."

    Shooting Stars (2017)
    "Shooting Stars is a song by Australian electronic duo Bag Raiders first released in 2008, then again in 2009 as a single. Several years after its release in 2017, the song began appearing in remix videos employing a synthwave aesthetic, particularly of people falling. This started a trend of videos where the song is paired with footage of people falling edited to look as though they are falling through space. This format was later featured in Katy Perry's Swish Swish music video."

    Surprised Pikachu (2018)

    "Surprised Pikachu refers to a screenshot from the Pokémon anime of the character Pikachu with its mouth agape, as though it were surprised at something. In the autumn of 2018, the image was used as a reaction image paired with captions where a set-up leads to a predictable outcome that nevertheless leaves one surprised."

    Nobody: (2018)

    "'Nobody:', also known as 'No One:' Tweets and 'Nobody:' Tweets and 'Literally No One:', is a phrasal template used to mock people who strive to attract attention and tend to provide unsolicited opinions, as well as for observational humor. The format rose to popularity in Autumn 2018 with tweets usually starting with the phrases 'No one:', 'Nobody:' and 'Me:', continued with text or visual descriptions of an unprovoked action by a certain individual."

    Hey, Look at Us (2019)

    "'Hey, Look at Us' is a quote from actor Paul Rudd while appearing on the First We Feast series Hot Ones. The clip has been taken out of context in numerous parodies that grew popular on Twitter."

    Storm Area 51(2019)

    "Storm Area 51, also known as the Area 51 Raid and Alienstock, is a satirical Facebook event that calls for an assembly of a flash mob to infiltrate the top-secret American military airbase in Lincoln County, Nevada, scheduled to commence at 3:00 a.m. on September 20th, 2019. Since its launch in late June, the Facebook page went viral and millions of people have signed up to attend. July 2019, the event, boosted by word of mouth and news coverage spawned Twitter users to begin humorous posts about what they imagined life would be like with the alien they rescued from Area 51."

    Woman Yelling at a Cat (2019)

    "Woman Yelling at a Cat refers to a meme format featuring a screen cap of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members Taylor Armstrong and Kyle Richards followed by a picture of a confused-looking cat sitting behind a dinner plate. The format gained significant popularity across the web in mid-June 2019 and the cat was later identified as Smudge the Cat."

    What are your fav memes of the decade, ONTD?
    Source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22

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    Over the few years that they've been together popular boy band/ collective Brockhampton (aka kings of teasing snippets of music they'll never let fans hear) have made a habbit of teasing song snippets for unreleased tracks. Why do they do this? Do they want their fans to suffer? We may never know. But today OP has taken time out of her busy cleaning-up-after-the-holidays schedule to give you all the content you neither wanted nor asked for!


    Over the past two months BH has released episodes for their self-produced miniseries, Keeping The Band, on their official YouTube page. And with the release of these episodes? A handful of song snippets that are varying degrees of good. We can assume that these song clips are from songs that were cut from their latest album GINGER and honestly, I'm okay with that.

    4. 1998 ROOSEVELT

    Literally no one talks about this snippet and that not okay. This features some instrumentation (and some of Matt's verse) that was used in 1998 TRUMAN and Kevin's verse from TONYA and overall gives us a peek of what kind of album iridecence maybe could've been before it went all the way left (not that OP doesn't love iridescence, because she does, but this would've been cool too).
    The only reason it's not higher up on the ranking is because the elements that they took from this were used to create two songs that were marginally better so nothing of value was lost.


    This song is assumed to have been on the infamous unreleased Brockhampton album that never was: Puppy. It features vocals from frequent BH collaborator Ryan Beatty and is just, overall, what seems to be the beginning of a really beautiful song.
    Brockhampton's leader, Kevin Abstract, later included Ryan's vocals and some of the instrumentation from this on a track for his solo project. And while OP loves Baby Boy, she also loves Joba's verse on the original and is sad that it'll never get an official release.


    This is probaly the fan favorite as far as unreleased tracks goes. Originally teased in the video announcement for their 'i'll be there' tour, it's assumed that Bankroll was an outtake from their album iridescence. The clip features public Swedish enemy no.1 and failed pornstar A$AP Rocky.
    Not going to lie, I didn't really get the hype for this one for the longest of a time. Only recenty have I found myself activley looking for it and listening to it on loop. Honestly not sure why this one wasn't on the album. It would fit nicely between Something About Him and Where The Cash At but hey what do I know.

    1. RICH BOY

    I feel like this choice may come as a surprise to even the most well versed Brockhampstan. When it comes to unreleased songs that get asked for the most amongst fans you mainly hear Bankroll, Capri-Sun, or Ready For War. But this is my list and I make the rules!
    Although OP is not the biggest Matt Champion fan I feel like this snippet is my favorite thing he's ever done. That being said it feels a lot like something that could've been on the Saturation trilogy and wouldn't have fit on Ginger at all so I understand why it wasn't included. But man imagine Merlyn on this beat.

    Thank you all for putting up with yet another Brockhampton post from me! What is your favorite unreleased BH track? Do you agree with OP? Any that I didn't mention? Once again wondering what the hell is Brockhampton? Tell me what you think!

    ONTD @ me:

    Sources: 1/2/3/4/5

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  • 12/30/19--10:51: Best of 2019 Poll!!!!

  • Voting is now live! Results will be posted Wednesday afternoon, January 1st.

    A note about the nominations: I aimed for 5 for each category. If there was a 2-way tie for the 5th slot, I included 6 options. Some categories didn't have many nominations, and in these, I did not include nominations without any +1's.

    Previous post: Nominations

    Feel free to campaign for your faves, make this a FFA, or w/e

    GODDAMN IT I fucked some links up:
    ...You dare stand there, quietly ovulating, while my late night multivitamin ritual gets thrown into a lawless upside-down hullabaloo?...
    rosevael's abduction
    mandapandao_o's man can't use Google without her help

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    Despite claims that ONTD doesn't read, I have (with help from some lovely ontders!) compiled a selection of the best or most impactful books of the last decade. Some of these books touched our cold judgemental hearts, told gripping true stories, scarred us emotionally, influenced society, or spawned popular tv shows and movies.


    Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison

    In 2010 Mockingjay concluded the popular story of Katniss Everdeen, a two time survivor of the deadly Hunger Games who is now on the run from the corrupt Capitol. Room told a gripping story of a woman and her son's escape from seven year imprisonment that later became an Oscar nominated movie. Orange Is the New Black explored life in prison for women and became a popular Netflix original series.

    Honorable mention: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks


    Fifty Shades of Grey

    Frankly 2011 should be ashamed of itself for giving us Fifty Shades of Grey, the Twilight fanfiction that gripped the hearts of women who don't love themselves and tried to make used tampons sexy. Fifty Shades of Grey taught us that stalking and abuse is fine if it's done by men who are hot and rich. It wasn't good but unfortunately it was impactful.

    Honorable mentions that didn't bring shame to our ancestors: Divergent, The Night Circus, A Dance with Dragons, Ready Player One


    Gone Girl
    The Fault In Our Stars

    2012 brought us Gone Girl, the inspiring story of a woman who could just have filed for divorce but instead tortured her lousy husband in the most creative ways possible. Wild tells the true story of Cheryl Strayed, who lost her mom and probably should have just gotten therapy but instead went on a 1000 mile hike alone, had unprotected sex with multiple strangers, and allowed a bunch of animals to die from neglect... I'm not sure why but Oprah liked it and it became a movie starring Reese Witherspoon. The Fault In Our Stars explores the life and romance of a teenage girl with cancer, and later became a movie staring Shailene Woodley.

    Honorable mention: My Brilliant Friend (not to be confused with my friend with a bike)


    I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban
    Crazy Rich Asians

    The world was moved in 2013 when we read I Am Malala, the story of a girl shot by the Taliban for going to school and who has since traveled the world advocating for girls education. Americanah explores the story of a Nigerian woman who leaves her home and her struggles with racism in America. Crazy Rich Asians is pretty self explanatory, Rachel Chu finds out that her boyfriend is filthy rich and struggles to find her place in his world.

    Honorable mention: Ancillary Justice, The Goldfinch


    The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
    Station Eleven
    The Martian

    We learned a lot from books in 2014 guys. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up taught us how to stop hording crap that doesn't spark joy, and The Martian taught us how to grow potatoes on Mars! Both very handy skills to know.

    Honorable mentions: All the Light We Cannot See, Everything I Never Told You, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, The Goblin Emperor


    The Nightingale
    Between the World and Me
    The Fifth Season

    In 2015 The Nightingale tells the stories of two sisters in France during World War II. In Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses what it's like to inhabit a black body and the nations history and ongoing crisis with racism. The Fifth Season is novel of power, oppression, and revolution at the end of an age and a woman's quest to find her daughter.


    The Underground Railroad
    Born a Crime
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

    2016 gave us stories about rising above the circumstances of your birth and also ruined our childhoods. In The Underground Railroad Cora is a young slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia who flees slavery. Born a Crime author Trevor Noah tells how he went from being born illegally in South Africa to being host of The Daily Show. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child appalled us all at how it broke previously established rules in the HP universe and oh yeah Voldemort and Bellatrix f*cked so there is that to emotionally scar you.

    Honorable mention: When Breath Becomes Air, The Hating Game


    The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
    Little Fires Everywhere
    Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

    Full of Old Hollywood glamour, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo tells the story of reporter Monique Grant and the scandalous actress Evelyn Hugo. In Little Fires Everywhere the perfect orderly life of Elena Richardson is upended by neighborhood newbie and mysterious single mom *le gasp* Mia Warren. In Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Eleanor is obsessed with a famous singer and avoids social interactions while consuming pizza and vodka on the weekends... did I wander into a FFA? She meets Raymond who probably doesn't wash his legs and some old dude and starts to heal from a traumatic childhood.

    Honorable mentions: Exit West, The Hate U Give, This Is Going To Hurt


    I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer

    2019 had some great hits. America's most beloved first lady (questionable taste in friends aside) Michelle Obama wrote Becoming which tells the story of her upbringing and marriage to President Barack Obama. Circe is the beautifully told story of a woman born among gods who never quite fits in and finds herself drawn to the world of mortals. In I'll Be Gone in the Dark true crime journalist Michelle McNamara is determined to find the Golden State Killer and brings the reader on her journey.

    Honorable mentions: Where the Crawdads Sing, Children of Blood and Bone, The Woman in the Window


    Catch and Kill: Lies, Spies, and a Conspiracy to Protect Predators
    She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement
    The Winter of the Witch

    We watched the exposure of sexual predator Harvey Weinstein in real time in 2017, and this year the journalists who helped out him have shared their stories. In Catch and Kill Ronan Farrow faces opposition from his own bosses at NBC while trying to uncover decades of hidden sexual crimes by Weinstein. In She Said Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey work to uncover the same story and discuss the social shift that has occurred since then with the Me Too movement. The Winter of the Witch is the conclusion of the Winternight trilogy, Vasya holds the weight of Russia and the magical world on her shoulders and struggles to save both.

    Honorable mentions: The Unhoneymooners, Gods of Jade and Shadow, The Testaments, Daisy Jones & The Six

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

    What were your favorite books of the last decade ontd?

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    Surprise! (White) Michelle Williams is engaged. But in the post announcing her engagement and pregnancy with Fosse/Verdon director Thomas Kail a lot of people were surprised. Surprised and confused as a year and a half ago she was announcing her love for a completely different man, her new husband Phil Elverum. There were also people who never realized she was (and is?) married and others who didn't realize she had separated, especially as Williams is typically low key with her love life and doesn't do red carpets with her partners.

    So using my my google-fu I reconstructed a timeline of the last two years of Michelle's love life and path to Thomas Kail which includes 3 engagements, 2 failed marriages, 1 pregnancy and 0 divorces (so far):

    In early January 2018 Michelle Williams began wearing a large ring on her wedding finger prompting speculation that she was engaged... to businessman Andrew Youmans. She had first been seen kissing him in July of 2017 but when the engagement rumours started her team dropped a report that she had been dating him for "longer than anyone was aware of" possibly to make the engagement look less rushed (which now seems ironic). Though Williams never officially confirmed the engagement "multiple sources" did to US Weekly in late January. January is also the last time they are photographed together on vacation with her daughter Matilda.

    In the September 2018 issue of Vanity Fair she revealed she had married in July... to singer Phil Elverum who uprooted his life and moved with his daughter to NYC after their quick marriage.

    The interview took place in either late June or July of 2018 shortly before Williams eloped, but there is also some follow-up after her marriage where she talks about her new husband (I highly recommend re-reading the piece):

    Obviously I’ve never once in my life talked about a relationship, but Phil isn’t anyone else. And that’s worth something. Ultimately the way he loves me is the way I want to live my life on the whole. I work to be free inside of the moment. I parent to let Matilda feel free to be herself, and I am finally loved by someone who makes me feel free.

    Another fun tidbit in the Vanity Fair interview? She announces she just got offered the role of Gwen Verdon in Fosse/Verdon to be directed by Thomas Kail!

    An interview with the L.A. Times mentions that Fosse/Verdon took 8 months to rehearse and shoot and wrapped in March of 2019 meaning Williams would have begun work on the show almost at the same time she married.

    On December 2, 2018 Thomas Kail is honored at the Kennedy Centre and makes his last public appearance with his wife, actress Angela Christian.

    In late April 2019 Williams reveals she has separated from her husband. People claims they have not been together since "early" 2019. An interview with Elverum in November of 2019 however suggests he lived in NYC for 9 months which would put the split around March of 2019.

    Also in April Fosse/Verdon premieres. Angela Christian does not appear to attend the premiere.

    In September Kail and Williams both attend the Emmys to support Fosse/Verdon (Williams wins but doesn't mention Kail by name, only issuing a general thank you to her bosses) Christian again doesn't attend.

    December 2019 Williams and Kail reveal that they are engaged and expecting a child. It's unclear whether either have officially divorced their spouses. Congrats!

    In summary:
    January 2018 - Williams dating (possibly engaged) to Andrew Yousman
    July 2018 - Williams marries Phil Elverum, begins work on Fosse/Verdon
    December 2, 2018 - Thomas Kail attends the Kennedy Centre Honors with wife Angela Christian
    March 2019 Fosse/Verdon wraps
    April 2019 - the Williams/Elverum seperation is made public, Kail attends the premiere of his show without his wife
    December 2019 - Williams and Kail announce their engagement and pregnancy

    Sources linked throughout the post + me and my sleuthing

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    ontd bret.jpg

    Today is the final day of 2019. This year marks a full decade since VH1's classic reality shows, including Rock of Love, I Love Money, and Real Chance of Love, permanently, tragically ended.

    • The last season of Rock of Love was in April of 2009.

    • The final episode of Charm School aired July 26, 2009.

    • The only season of Daisy of Love aired in 2009.

    • New York Goes To Hollywood/Work ended in 2009.

    • The final episode of Megan Wants A Millionaire aired on August 16 of 2009, effectively ending a golden era of reality TV after a piece-of-shit contestant murdered his girlfriend, Jasmine Fiore.

    • The final episode of Real Chance of Love aired on October 26, 2009.

    • I Love Money 4, For the Love of Ray J, and Celebrity Fit Club continued to 2010, but they were already fizzling out, fast.

    So long to a truly glorious few years of reality TV. Their popularity revived in the past year or two on the internet. Who knows what the next decade will bring for them?

    If you are in VH1 withdrawal, check out last year's "Where Are They Now?" posts for Flavor of Love 1, 2 & 3, and Rock of Love 1 and 2 & Rock of Love: Bus.

    Also, watch for 2020's "Where Are They Now?" posts. I plan to make new ones every year until I die.


    Source: my encyclopedic knowledge of VH1 shows, plus Wikipedia

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    Another 10-task challenge. You obviously don’t need to do all 10 tasks, choose as many as you want, but I figured it gives you some variety and allows you to pick and choose movies that fit your taste but also maybe lead you to watch something you wouldn’t normally seek out. For each task, you can pick whatever movie fits within the guidelines, I've added links to help you out. I tried to add tasks that would allow you to get movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and/or Hulu – but there’s also Kanopy and Hoopla (both of which you can get free access through your library or university). Have a different movie for each task – that is, don’t have the same movie for task 2 and task 6.

    1. New Year, New You. Watch any movie where someone reinvents themselves.
    2. Watch any movie involving a scandal (a real-life scandal or a fictional one).
    3. Watch any movie with more than 1 director - maybe it’s a directing duo or a messy production where someone new has to be brought in (credited or not).
    4. Watch any movie on the Letterboxd list of the Top 250 Narrative Features from the past decade.
    5. The Golden Globes are on January 5th, the most nominated movie is Marriage Story. Watch any movie centered around a married couple. Thanks to K for the idea!
    6 and 7. Watch any two movies that have similar posters – THIS should help, there’s also more lists in the description.
    8. Soundtracks are important. Pick any movie off this list of the best soundtracks.
    9. Great movies often get lost in the shuffle, watch any of the most mentioned overlooked movies of the 2010’s.
    10. Watch any disaster movie.

    ONTD, what do you plan on watching this month? What did you watch during the month of December?

    SOURCES: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

    Previous 2019 challenges: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

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  • 01/01/20--20:06: Best of 2019 Results!!

  • Thanks everyone for participating!! There were some close votes, so I included honorable mentions for categories that had a difference of 20 or fewer votes between first and second place. Happy New Year :)

    Post of the Year
    ABC Renews 'Fresh Off the Boat' For Season 6 & Star Constance Wu Is Pissed!

    Female Celeb of the Year

    Male Celeb of the Year
    Baby Yoda

    Scandal of the Year
    Varsity Blues College Admissions Scandal

    Best Scandal Name
    Varsity Blues

    Worst of 2019

    Meme/Gif of the Year

    Word/Phrase of the Year
    ok boomer

    Comment of the Year
    Sis, you can get the 30oz of Hellmann's instead of the 20oz, but it's still mayonnaise, like...
    - icetypejim

    Thread of the Year
    Who was dad? Part 2
    - kicked off by aria_grace, featuring a million other people

    ONTD Wank of the Year
    ONTD, do you wash your legs in the shower? by stewie_e

    ONTD Member of the Year

    ONTD Original of the Year
    ONTD Original: Slang That Was Stolen from Black Gay Culture by frejasface

    ONTD Original Series of the Year
    New Books Hitting Shelves This Week by inkstainedlips

    Most Devastating Break-up
    England + the EU

    Celeb We Got Sick of in 2019
    Chris Pratt

    Breakout Celeb of the Year
    Baby Yoda

    Best Celeb Social Media
    Mark Hamill

    Worst Celeb Social Media
    Tr*mp's Twitter

    Most WTF Celeb Baby Name of the Year
    Psalm West (Kimye)

    Most Vile Celeb
    Donald Tr*mp

    Messiest/Most Problematic Celeb
    Kanye + The Kardashians

    Best Movie of the Year

    Worst Movie of the Year

    Best TV Show of the Year

    The Mandalorian

    Worst Show of the Year
    Game of Thrones

    Best TV Revival of the Year
    The L Word: Generation Q

    Worst TV Revival of the Year
    The Hills: New Beginnings

    Best Song of the Year
    "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo

    Worst Song of the Year
    "ME!" by Taylor Swift featuring Brendon Urie

    Best Album of the Year
    Cuz I Love You by Lizzo

    Worst Album of the Year
    LP1 by Liam Payne

    Athlete/Team of the Year
    Simone Biles

    Video/Cellphone Game of the Year
    Mario Kart Tour

    I couldn't find any gifs that I knew for sure were from this particular version, just go with it lol

    Celeb Who Disappointed Us
    Rosario Dawson

    Jeff Goldblum

    Worst Celeb Apology
    Gina Rodriguez

    Celeb We Will Miss the Most
    Luke Perry

    Ultimate Celeb Comeback
    Jennifer Lopez

    Ultimate Celeb Downfall
    Jussie Smollett


    Previous posts: Nominations | Voting

    All images from Google
    Truth Hurts video
    ME! video
    Cuz I Love You video
    LP1 video

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    Michelle Williams attends the 51st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, CA on September 12, 1999, one day after her appearance on The Howard Stern Radio Show.

    In our last post about the scandal colloquially known as Codependent Women Part II, moddchicc made reference to an infamous interview that actress Michelle Williams gave to The Howard Stern Radio Show in the late 1990s, now seemingly wiped from the Internet. Seeing a perfect way to spend my morning at work, I set about to track said conversation down in whatever format possible, and after arriving at many dead ends finally found it in full in the media archive of a Williams fansite.

    Recorded on September 11, 1999, Williams sat down with Stern just weeks before the season two premiere of Dawson's Creek and five months into her run as Dottie in a sleeper hit off-Broadway production of Tracy Letts' Killer Joe. What follows is a summary of their conversation's most revelatory, and often revolting, moments.

    • The interview begins with a discussion of both Williams' and co-star Scott Glenn's full-frontal nudity during a portion of Killer Joe—Stern voices great interest in seeing Williams, who turned 19 two days before the broadcast, naked. (Stern incorrectly refers to Williams as an 18 year old throughout.)

    • After Stern recounts an earlier meeting with Williams' Dawson's Creek co-star Katie Holmes, who he refers to as "weird," Williams calls him "phenomenally magnetic and very sexy." Stern responds that he would go out with Williams if given permission by his wife, adding, "If we just get naked and pleasure ourselves, that's not cheating." He goes on to say that he is "transfixed" by Williams' mouth.

    • Williams explains that she completed her high school education via correspondence and received her diploma at 15 years old, the same year she was legally emancipated from her parents. When asked to elaborate on that decision, she says, "I thought I was invincible. I always liked being on my own, I've got a real independent streak, and I wanted to work."

    Pressed to discuss her home life pre-emancipation, Williams briefly discusses her "nuts" father. "He was a commodities trader by day, when I was growing up, and then he would be gone for three months at a time and I never really knew where he was," she says. "It turns out he was in Saudi Arabia looking for Noah's Ark, and he was in the Red Sea looking for gold bars and stuff."

    • Discussion then turns to Dawson's Creek, filmed on location in Wilmington, North Carolina. Williams distances herself from the rumored love triangle between co-stars Holmes, James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson and claims to be disinterested in partying: "I feel very old. I have a rocking chair and a porch and lemonade." She approximates that she lost her virginity at 14 or 15 years old to an older man "peripherally" in the industry, and says if he is smart he will not contact her before the statute of limitations for statutory rape has expired.

    Conversation returns to Killer Joe. Stern asks Williams whether she performs her nude scene when on her period (yes) and if she has a special grooming regimen for the scene (no). She then talks about staying with close friends, a gay couple, while in New York: "It's a one-bedroom apartment, and they have a couch but it's more like a loveseat and it's really uncomfortable. So I climb into the bed with them and it's lovely, we talk about boys and we put on face masks."

    Interview part 1, 2, 3, and 4

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    ONTD Indie Release Guide Graphic.png

    This weekend is slim pickings for new releases, as Star Wars and other December releases continue to dominate screens. Sony’s remake of The Grudge is the only new wide release in theaters this weekend, and I’ve included it in this week’s post because with only two new indie releases, there is plenty of space.

    The films listed are from studios other than the “Big Six” - Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Columbia/Sony and Disney. Note that some of the movies listed are in their first week or two of limited release in the USA, so it may take them a few more weeks (or months) to show up in your local arthouse theater or on VOD. Check out the posts from the past few weeks for more movies that may have just opened near you: December 27th, December 20th, and December 13th.

    Don’t Be a Dick About It

    Writer/Director: Ben Mullinkosson
    Genre: Documentary
    Storyline: Growing up in a loving home, brothers Peter and Matthew are crazy about each other, but also constantly at each other’s throats. Displaying their individual idiosyncrasies—Peter is obsessed with the TV show Survivor, while younger brother Matthew struggles to overcome his intense fear of dogs—the brothers spend one formative summer in their suburban Maryland neighborhood.
    What you should know: Won the IFDA Audience Award at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.
    Opens in: Los Angeles

    City of Joel

    Writer: Federico Rosenzvit
    Director: Jesse Sweet
    Genre: Documentary
    Storyline: 50 miles north of New York City, the town of Monroe is a microcosm for a hyper-partisan and divided nation as a land dispute between an ultra-orthodox Hassidic sect and their secular neighbors erupts into a turf war.
    What you should know: Director Jesse Sweet is responsible for directing and producing many other documentary films and series.
    Opens in: Select theaters and available on demand

    The Grudge

    Stars: Andrea Riseborough, Demián Bichir, John Cho, Betty Gilpin
    Writer: Nicolas Pesce, Jeff Buhler
    Director: Nicolas Pesce
    Genre: Horror, Mystery
    Plot: A house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death.
    What you should know: Based on the 2002 film from Takashi Shimizu, Ju-on: The Grudge.
    Opens in: Wide release

    Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Thank you to eveofrevolution for nominating this weekly post for the ONTD Awards, and to everyone who voted, it really does mean a lot to me! <3

    What have you been watching lately? Seeing anything this weekend?

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    Do you love romance novels? Light beach reads or even just a fun romcom? Here's the post for you! Here are just a few romance novels being released this year.

    Love Her or Love Her by Tessa Bailey
    New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey returns with a unique, sexy romantic comedy about a young married couple whose rocky relationship needs a serious renovation.
    Release Date: January 14th, 2020

    Marriage on Madison Avenue by Lauren Layne
    Audrey and Clarke have been (just) best friends since their childhood. That's why when Clarke appeases his persistent matchmaking mother by saying he's engaged to Audrey, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal—until things get complicated. This is Layne's third novel in the The Central Park Pact series.
    Release Date: January 28th, 2020

    Wild at Heart by K.A. Tucker
    Calla & Jonah's journey continues in this sequel to The Simple Wild, from internationally bestselling author K.A. Tucker
    Release Date: March 3rd, 2020

    The Honey-Don't List by Christina Lauren
    The Unhoneymooners author brings us The Honey-Don't List, which follows Carey and James as they fight to keep their high profile boss's relationship from falling apart. But as the two attempt to keep one couple together, they find comfort in each other.
    Release Date: March 24th, 2020

    Personal note: I've read this one already. It's better than Twice in a Blue Moon but not as good as The Unhoneymooners

    The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez
    Two years after losing her fiancé, Sloan Monroe still can't seem to get her life back on track. But one trouble-making pup with a "take me home" look in his eyes is about to change everything. With her new pet by her side, Sloan finally starts to feel more like herself. Then, after weeks of unanswered texts, Tucker's owner reaches out. He's a musician on tour in Australia. And bottom line: He wants Tucker back.
    Release Date: April 14th, 2020

    The Heart Principle by Helen Hoang
    Hoang's third steamy novel in the Kiss Quotient series tells the story of Quan Diep, the new CEO of an up-and-coming retail business. With his elevated status, he's bombarded with unwanted attention from "rich girls"—particularly one named Camilla. However, it's her sister Anna who catches his eye...though she has secret motives of her own.
    Release Date: May 7th, 2020

    Beach Read by Emily Henry
    January and Augustus are total opposites. He's an acclaimed literary fiction writer, she's a bestselling romance novelist. Two things they have in common? They have writer's block and they're beach house neighbors for the summer. In an effort to get out of their respective ruts, they challenge each other to write something out of their comfort zones—and may or may not fall for one another in the process.
    Release Date: May 19th, 2020

    Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert
    When these mortal enemies are stuck together on a cross-country road trip to the biggest fan convention of their lives, their infamous rivalry takes a backseat as an unexpected connection is forged. Yet each has a reason why they have to win the upcoming Odyssey gaming tournament and neither is willing to let emotion get in the way—even if it means giving up their one chance at something truly magical.
    Release Date: June 2nd, 2020

    The Marriage Game by Sarah Desai
    Layla's parents are first-generation Indian immigrants who maintain their traditional beliefs when it comes to arranged marriage. Her father secretly signs her up for a series of dates through an online match-making service, which is how Layla meets Sam—the guy who's supposed to be her chaperone, but turns out to be so much more
    Release Date: June 9th, 2020

    Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall
    Wanted: One (fake) boyfriend
    Practically perfect in every way
    Luc O'Donnell is tangentially--and reluctantly--famous. His rock star parents split when he was young, and the father he's never met spent the next twenty years cruising in and out of rehab. Now that his dad's making a comeback, Luc's back in the public eye, and one compromising photo is enough to ruin everything.
    Release Date: July 1st, 2020

    Which of these are you looking forward to the most?

    Are you a big fan of romance tropes? Want to check out another reading challenge? Try the Romance Reading Challenge! One romance trope for each letter of the alphabet but we've given you plenty of choices for each letter. Some of the books I've listed above would help you get some checked off the challenge!
    Big thanks to milfordacademy for the banner and she's one of the mods for the challenge! And shout out to simplyxkate for helping out and joining our little team.

    Book covers and synopsis: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    Mods, fixed the images!

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